Autosol was not enough... What now?
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Thread: Autosol was not enough... What now?

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    Lightbulb Autosol was not enough... What now?

    I decided to give my valve covers a good sunday rub with some autosol and a Dremel. At first it seemed okay, but once you dried it of there was still alot of small imperfections in the aluminium that is just a thorn in my eye. Any good recommendations for getting that mirror like finish?

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    Which Dremel attachment did you use? Looks great to me
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    polishing to mirror on 30+ year old parts can be tough. May need to lightly sand and polish till your blue in the face. I have done a few and never got them prefect.
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    I have polished some CX500 valve covers and it seems they are clear coated from the factory.
    I start with paint stripper to get rid of the clear coat then polish with polishing wheels on my
    bench grinder. Start with black (coarse) compound and finish with something milder to get a high polish.
    I bought a polishing kit from Caswell. Got 3 or 4 grades of compound and 3 or 4 cloth polishing wheels,
    worked good for me but it is a lot of work and is a dirty process. Lots of residue flying off the polishing wheels.
    I do not clear coat after polishing but I use car wax for some protection of the shine.
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    i used a kit with different sizes from a local shop. pretty nice because some of them fit right between the "lines and grooves"

    Some did grind through the cloth and i scratched one cover because i was grinding away to some metallica...
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    So if the black coarse stuff you mention is like the Autosol i used, i should search for something milder for finish? i live in Denmark, many of the products you guys use are not available here.. there must be some polishing finish for aluminium..

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    You can't go wrong following the master of polish....

    How to Polish Aluminum by LRCXed - CXGL
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    i now use powdercoat superchrome with a durable clear coat over it

    should be good for 10-15 years out side in the weather

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    ramp has put you right

    if you want perfection

    take the job outside

    plan on spending some cash

    Dremel is a touch up tool for getting into tight spots.

    never smoke mota/over indulge and rock out

    you will end wit a banged up ??? finger, part, foot,

    wanker,wall etc. etc.

    1/4 inch die and a 4 in. side grinder

    are necessities in any shop
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    As the old clear coat deteriorates it allows corrosion to form on the bare spots. You have to level all the metal surface to the same plane or you will see those lines that indicate the edges of deeper spots. You can get close enough for most folks but if you are a perfectionist it will require different levels of abrasives to get to that mirror like finish.
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