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Thread: New Air Filter = GL500 won't go past 45 mph...Carb issue?

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    Have you had a chance to re-tune it. If you tuned it and then changed the dirty filter, then you tuned the mixture and idle to compensate. Otherwise it's possible you bumped a wire loose. A bullet connector I guess are used on these, I only remember them from the real old days working on 60's Fords.
    They look like one of these.

    Adoom was referring to that type of connector that feeds the ignition coils I'm guessing. I haven't had to get to into electrical much yet, knock wood
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    From his initial description I would suspect the vacuum fuel petcock is starting to fail.
    A dirty filter = more vacuum which a weak petcock might work with.
    A clean filter = less vacuum that a weak petcock might not work ok with.
    Rebuild it or replace it with a manual one.

    When the petcock went on my silver GL the bike would start and run ok, but would not pull above 45mph or so.
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    Interstate that makes sense. I think I will look into that and try that.


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