New Air Filter = GL500 won't go past 45 mph...Carb issue?
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Thread: New Air Filter = GL500 won't go past 45 mph...Carb issue?

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    New Air Filter = GL500 won't go past 45 mph...Carb issue?

    Hey folks. Recently I had changed the air filter on my 83 GL500. It needed it by the looks of the old one. I figured it would run fine if not better. However, the ride shortly after changing it out said differently. I couldn't accelerate quite as rapids as before and I couldn't get the bike over 45 mph.

    My initial thought was "what did I do to cause this?". Prior to changing the filter, it had run well. That being the only thing I had done between "good acceleration and top speed" and "poor accelerate and top speed" I had an inkling it had to do with the air:fuel mix. Had the bike been gradually compensating for a dirty filter -- drawing more from the air intake than fuel -- for so long that when I added a brand new filter it began to draw way too much air for the mix?

    I am ready to work on this thing, but just don't know where to begin. I figure the carbs could use a cleaning (maybe something is gummed up and stuck), and syncing. I will do those no matter what. Just looking for some help on making sure I actually solve my problem here.

    Thanks guys!

    83' GL500

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    Did you take the cover back off the air filter since installing the new one and check for anything restricting the air flow? Especially between the air filter cartridge and the carbs?
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    What was the condition of the filter you changed? Have you tried a ride without the filter in place? Have you checked that the screen in the airbox is clean?

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    Thank you geezyrider and reclinedrelic. I will look into those two possibilities this afternoon and get back to you.

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    Just a thought, but how long had it been since you last rode before you replaced the filter and found the problem?
    In my experience with my 79CX500 these carbs gum up QUICK.
    Buying Larry's carb book was perhaps the best investment I made on this bike as I have unfortunately had to use it several times. Sometimes I let the bike sit for as few as three weeks to find out that the fuel had gummed up one of the jets.
    This was the first year I didn't have any issues and it was only because I made a point of riding it at least three times a week.

    Best of luck with this....
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    I can't wait for my larrys guide to show up in the mail.
    Viva la rebuild

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    Hi guys. Sorry so long since my last response. Kids keep me busy every night, so it's hard to get time to look at my bike.

    geezyrider - I do not see anything restricting the airflow. However your comment "Especially between the air filter cartridge and the carbs" gives me pause. I am not sure I know how to check past the airbox.

    reclinedrelic - The previous filter was pretty filthy. I had never changed it since I inherited the bike 2 years ago. However, following your recommendation, I rode last night with no air filter and at first it seemed the same -- slow acceleration and low top-speed -- however after a few minutes, I was able to get up to normal top speeds. Acceleration seemed less than normal but it had improved. It is a 500 so I don't expect a ton of torque. Also, it appears the screen is clean in the air-box.

    blivy - Prior to changing the air-filter, I had rode the bike the day before and it all seemed fine. I just knew among other things I had been doing to tune-up the bike, the air-filter was one I had not done.

    Should I now be questioning whether I got the right filter, since it seemed to ride better without? I got it online (I would have to check where and what brand) but it was supposedly for my bike and year.



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    Try putting the old, dirty filter back in and see what happens. If it returns to normal either the filter is the problem or maybe the carbs need to be adjusted. If the problem is still there with the old filter the filter is not causing it.
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    You might not have the right filter.
    Could you post a side by side pic of both?
    We could tell you for certain if it was correct or not.
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    Never tried to put the wrong end into the box.

    open end faces out.

    I could go out and try but in bizy at the moment.

    possibly in backwards ?
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