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Thread: Low jet emulsifying tube

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    Wow! And it already has a big tank for the blinker fluid!
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    I went another way, and I want to share it with you. At least it worked for me. I first had my carbs cleaned in a ultrasonic tank. I changed the jets I could with new sized for my pods and new exhaust. It was forever only running on the right side. I had eliminated all possibilities and narrowed it down to the left carb. After taking them off so many times i think I can now remove them blindfolded, I was contemplating using the easy out method, but chickened out. I have a small household steam cleaner. Out of desperation, I used that. I pressed the nozzle up against the pilot jet and blew hot steam through it till I couldn't hold the carb anymore. I repeated the process until tank was empty and reassembled the carb. I fired up the bike and it still missed for a few seconds, then it popped and revved to 3 grand. So far, (FINGERS CROSSED) IT WORKED. Guys it's worth a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guelli02 View Post
    I think it's time to translate.

    Larry if You have the time and a carb with the pressed-in jet, it would be good If you want and have the time to prove this.

    Attachment 85985

    The text under the picture says:

    The bore in the jet is 2.0mm.

    Cut a M3 mm thread. Thread depth ~~ 6mm.
    (Before cutting I would bore with a 2.4 or 2.5mm drill. To cut a M3 thread directly into the 2.0mm bore is bad the cutter can/will break. The 2.4mm bore should be ~ 10mm deep.)
    Now a rod with the thread of 3.0mm is needed.
    Screw it into the new thread in the jet.
    Take a washer as shown and set a M3mm nut as shown on the picture.
    On the end/the tip of the threaded rod take two nuts.
    Lock these two nuts. (This is to hold the rod.)
    Turn the single nut over the washer, clockwise.
    The jet will come out. (with or without a little help of warm air by a torch of heating gun.)

    BTW: I would never ever use extractors (easy outs). I think I have fine mechanical skills, but broke some extractors and cried loud and tried to learn different technics to remove f.e. broken screws etc.
    Double plus ++, on the above method. I too have broken an easy out and its no fun. I have never had a failure with the tap and screw method, another advantage is once done its even simpler to remove the second time if needed. In the U.S. use a #40 drill bit to open the hole prior to tapping with 4-40 tap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIZZY View Post
    I have a small household steam cleaner.
    What a good idea

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    Remove Broken Taps with Walton Tap Extractors

    I have used similar devices and made

    a few.(too spendy)

    However in this case,best

    to just swap out the set

    with somethin that works.

    Give him time to hone skills.

    less Expense
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