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    Quote Originally Posted by MoS Chuin View Post
    Awesome, I had no idea that it was still available from the local Honda dealer. I will call them this afternoon. Thank you for the heads up on that.
    Usually in twin cities Honda Town is best for older parts-been here long time & know the bikes.

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    Could only be "cold seized" from sitting a long time.
    If you just sprayed the penetrant into the plug holes with out using a straw inserted all the way into the head, what you see "leaking from the head" is actually just coming out the plug drain holes in the valve cover.
    Use a straw or a skinny funnel to get enough into the cylinders to be of use.
    Then instead of trying to use the starter to get it to turn over, remove the crank end cover from the front of the engine and you can rock it back and forth to free it up. [You can also put it into 5th gear and do the same by rocking the entire bike or just the rear wheel (with it on the center stand)]
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    have you tried removing the inspection cap below the radiator and trying to turn the motor with a strong bar and socket? That puts you straight onto the end of the crankshaft.
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