Do i need my engine "air dam"?
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Thread: Do i need my engine "air dam"?

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    Do i need my engine "air dam"?

    The rubber air dam on my engine is pretty degraded. I've seen the post by CSmith80CX on how to reconstruct it but I have also seen quite a few CX500 builds where the air dam was just completely removed.

    What is the actual purpose of this rubber and will I run in to any issues by just removing it?

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    In the stock configuration, it is there to divert engine and radiator heat from passing over the ignition coils. They are susceptible to degrading with excessive heat. If your coils are in the stock position, or close to it, the dam should be there.

    Some move the coils to other places on the bike, and in this case the air dam would serve no real purpose.
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