getting the swing arm off a 1981 gl500 silverwing interstate
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    hi all, new member here... i am a seller on ebay and one of my buyers said to check the site out. well i have been parting out an 81 gl500i and last night i got to the swing arm. left side came out easy with just a 1/2 drive ratchet and allen head socket. right side threw me for a loop! checked the fiches but it didn't really look the same. googled the subject and it brought me here again (i was just browsing the other night) and searching here and other forums revealed no true meathod. well it was late, decided to call it a night and have a beer, wife and kids in bed and all was quiet... well after a couple cold heiny's i saw the obvious. with the left pivot pin removed (plenty of info on that one already) remove the top shock bolt then the bottom. unhook the pro-link bolts from the swing arm. you should have enough room to wiggle the shock out now. it's a good time to remove the pro-link piece for servicing or whatever as well as to get it out of the way. pop the right side bearing dust cap off from inside the swing arm cavity using a small pry bar. now just push the swing arm to the left, using a pry bar between the swing arm and frame if needed, and watch it drop right out! i spent 15 minutes looking at that brass coloured bearing holder from the outside, wondering how the *&$# to get it out, before i realized how to do it. i know it has been discussed here before, but the talk about the "nub" didn't really make sense to someone who had not seen one before! anyways i hope that helps the next guy who googles it

    well anyways all of us ebay sellers are not pond scum like some might think... i was an electrical foreman, before the economy took a crap, for many years. i had to part out a couple dirt bikes to make it through the winter after getting laid off of a steady job of 15 years, now 3 years later i am still at it as it lets me work from home with two babies. and no i am not here to plug my stuff, if you need it you will find it. as my babies get older, i will be finding time to ride with them... i have a mint 83 gl650i 5k miles, and an 82 gl500i with a california sidecar and every markland goody ever made, going to be putting the 'car on the 83 hopefully soon, will post pics on here someday when it's rolling! cheers, john
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    Welcome to the forum John

    Nice write up, that's what makes this site so great,

    first hand experience of how to do the work right the first time.

    Makes working on these bikes fun.

    Now that your a member would you mind putting your location in your profile,

    there might be other members around your area.

    Thanks and Ride Safe,

    1981 Honda GL500I
    1982 Honda GL500I


    Semper Ride

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" -
    Edmund Burke

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    thanks for the tip, ranger, done!
    1983 GL650I

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