2016 Amish rally
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Thread: 2016 Amish rally

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    2016 Amish rally

    Now that it's official, I can start this thread. The Amish rally for 2016 will open at the Zeager campground on Friday, August 5, and close Thursday morning, August 11.

    I'm going to follow the lead of Phil in Lowgap and Steve in PA from the last few years, as well as comments from MCReviver, and not try to fix something that's not broken. In other words, I favor a largely informal and unstructured rally, where day-to-day plans, if any, are made not more than 12 hours in advance by consensus of whomever happens to be interested.

    That being said, I'll provide some opening-day accommodations so that anyone arriving sorta late on the 5th needn't worry about going out again for supper, etc. It will likely be burgers, brats, and beer with appropriate sides like potato salad (should we call it Harley salad?), chips, non-alcoholic drinks, and that sort of thing. I'll be bringing my van, so daily Walmart grocery runs will be de rigeur.

    I'll also load up my van with bike stuff for common use for the duration, including:

    1. Compressor for tires, leakdown tests, cleaning, etc.
    2. Leakdown and compression gauges.
    3. Carb balancing rig.
    4. Electrical test equipment, maybe up to a scope for looking at ignition coil traces.
    5. Usual array of bike tools, including SAE sizes in case someone shows up with a Harley.
    6. Ultrasonic cleaner (small.)
    7. Small gas welding/brazing rig.

    This is not to take anything away from MCReviver's exemplary repair shop up the road, but will be handy if you find your bike with a flat tire in the morning (for example.)

    As previously threatened, I'll make a giant pot of chili at least once during the week, and I have several other good recipes to inflict on the unsuspecting. With a bit of luck, we can hope for contributions from Fogelsville Joe, Cobram, and maybe some others.

    As an added incentive, I'll bring along a supply of commemorative iron-on pictures (see attached) along with an iron to apply them - you supply a shirt of your choice (should be solid color). No charge for the iron-on image, application will be for optional voluntary donation. I think credit for the picture goes to Cobram, although I might be wrong.

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    I've probably forgotten something important, so remind me.

    As the Pharaoh said, So it is written, so it shall be.

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    do the same get the same

    its sad !

    Order The Quick Build Exhaust Pipes


    Way to many bikes to maintain this list LOL !!

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    That was close, as the Canadian Honda CX/GL Rally EH !!! Will be from Thursday July 28th 2016 to Monday August 1st 2016.

    Looks like a may have to book a WHOLE week off from work

    All The Best................Keith......................
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    If I can get my act AND THE BIKE together, I'm pretty sure I can show up for a few days.
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    Chilli; I'm sure you' see the other post I msde in the general section.

    I'd really suggest trying to include thursday the 4th if not also wed afternoon the 3rd for the reasons mentioned in that post. It's probably not too late to add a day.

    People coming for just the weekend might like to take off 1 extra day (or 2) and come in on Thursday night to make the trip more worthwhile for the weekend, but they might not want to take off work on a monday.

    They travel on Friday & Sunday which leaves only friday afternoon & Sat for riding.

    If the camp is booked those previous days, then I'd prefer the second weekend so that there is a full weekend (as mentioned as a thurs thru sunday) to center around.

    Or did those days of the 12th thru the 15th already get booked?

    Funny, Steve was telling me that Zeager had told him that there's no rush in booking as the dates don't fill up till a few months before use. Guess we shoulda booked right away?
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    Chili, your enthusiasm will go a long way to making 2016 a good year for the Rally. I've yet to hear any great new ideas from anyone, except moving it (the regional concept maybe the only one that can work, most CX/GL riders don't travel great distances, that is, more than 6-800 miles max IMO), requiring advance registration and down payment (my experience is that members will not commit to come in advance) and "do something different, based on a poll". Well IMO poll results are just talk, when enthusiasm is what is needed. It's hard for me to imagine a better facility for us, even a rainy day is tolerable (unlike a camping only site). I have mentioned frugality a few times, and I don't intend for it to be critical. It's just who we are. It would be a different membership who would go to a costly venue and pay much more to have greater entertainment options or scheduled events. I say, " Go Chili, Go!"
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    Thanks, Rich, the thoughts you express exactly summarize my own attitude toward the West Milton site as the ideal venue for an annual rally of this particular group, as well as the approach toward attendance, cost, scheduling, and organization in general. One thing I hope to do next year is to put just a little more structure into the breakfast & supper schedule and execution than what I've seen in years past, not going so far as to publish a daily menu, but at least getting some day-to-day consensus on what the troops would like that day or the next. I figure most of the participants will be out on the road for lunch or will be able to create something in the kitchen, left to their own devices.

    Depending on who shows up (we'll know them when we see them), we might be able to talk some of the gurus into giving informal back-deck discussions on topics of mutual interest. However, this will be strictly voluntary, and I have no intention of hustling any of them prior to the event, since that would suggest a commitment which, as you say, most of us are unwilling or unable to make.

    As I noted in the original post in this thread, I'll be bringing a vanload of tools and equipment for communal use and the van will be available for runs to town for oil, antifreeze, etc. or for emergency pickup. I've got a trailer hitch on the van and might have a bike trailer by that time, else might be able to borrow one from another participant.

    That reminds me of a humorous incident from my breakdown on a remote part of the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to Maggie Valley last May. After a call to Murray, we agreed that my stator was toast. Steve and I were standing around thinking about options when this nice middle-aged lady came over and said "If you need parts, there's a WalMart just down the hill." I said thanks very much.
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    Provided mine's in good shape by then, I'll be looking to attend!
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    A Wal-Mart motorcyle parts center? What a great idea! Somebody contact their Marketing reps! lol
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    Sure. They sell JB-Weld, duct tape, and Shoe-Goo.

    What else could one possibly need?
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