Any1 try mini baffles?
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    I've searched around a bit, but can't find that anyone has used these mini exhaust baffles.

    Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience with them.

    They are 4-1/2" long by the way; if anyone would want to know.
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    I'll bet they sound like $5 shoved inside a header pipe. You will get tired of it or burn a valve in the mean time. Even my EMGO ball end mufflers sounded better with packing added around the baffle.
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    I have no mufflers no H-box and the baffles I put in my pipes are only about an inch or so long with 5 small holes drilled in the outer ring and 1 bigger hole drilled in the center, I tried running with open pipes and it was obnoxiously loud and not enoughback pressure to run right. With these baffles even though they are small they do exactly what i needed them to, enough backpressure to run without backfiring and cackling, and enough to take the obnoxious out of it. Hope this helps
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