Cx500 windshield
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    Cx500 windshield

    Is there any where in the UK I can buy a more effective windshield kit for my bike ?
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    Check feebay

    Thy are gettin pricey (my 2 pence)

    Found myself makin my own last Yr. as

    I was short on funds and wanted a unique part.

    found an used Slipstreamer and customized (cut)

    and bought hardware at a home center/harbware store

    to make mounts.

    There is a good selection on U.S site,you will likely

    find similar/same selection.

    Last 1 I purchased new about 2000 the price online is

    comparable to what I paid 16-17 yrs. ago.
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    Without a full google search, you may find some fairly decent options for the 78 original layout. That year was widely know as the "maggot" for that gauge pod layout nacelle. If you poked on a UK based search for Slipstreamer you might find a bit more, but here is what a lazy google search pulled up. I know the Slipstreamer have a decent product, but this might be more to you liking.

    GIVI Airstar Windscreen Custom Universal (A601) A601G buy cheap at moto24 - only £78.31

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