ALL NEWBIES, PLEASE READ == An affirmation a rant and some advice !
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Thread: ALL NEWBIES, PLEASE READ == An affirmation a rant and some advice !

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    ALL NEWBIES, PLEASE READ == An affirmation a rant and some advice !

    So, first the affirmation:

    I think the CX500 and its 650 brothers are the greatest bikes around.
    The 500 is one of the longest lasting motors made, and nearly impossible, without being silly, to kill.
    There are a lot of examples of them being dug out of barns, fields, or basements, with very few to 10’s of thousands of miles put on them. Many of us have simply cleaned the carbs, changed the oil, done a high miles service, jumped on them and driven the crap out of for years.

    Here is the rant:

    There are some nice newer members on the forum who are from the "let’s take it all apart and put everything new into the motor so I won’t have problems later" school.

    Now while that is fine if they feel they need to do this, they are welcome to do so. But here is an example that rubs the wrong way.
    Recently, I got off the phone with a new member from Utah (who can chip in if he wants) that was going to ship me his motor for me to go through.
    I asked him “how many miles on it”. “20k” says he. “Does it make any noises?” “Nope.” says he. “How does it run?” “Good” says he.

    “Why are you sending it to me?”
    …………………Because people on the forum tell him he should tear it all apart and go through everything……………

    So I tell him his motor might need a triple, he says he has already done the mechanical seal and is going to adjust the timing chain.

    i gently (and no offense here) told him that the people telling him it needed a complete tear down were also new to CX’s, and in fact, while there were quite a few that have their motors completely torn down, NONE HAVE YET TO GET THEM BACK TO A RUNNING STATE

    Now while I have no doubts in the skills of these people, some of whom I have been helping, it belies why we all love our CX’s to think they need complete tear downs and inspections at low miles.

    Do the service work, get on them, and ride!!!

    Now, the advice to all………

    Read the posts of people that you think you need to take direction and advice from. It’s like any other kind of shopping, look around! See what they have done, how long they have been doing it, and if it has been successful.

    LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF POSTS a person has. You may not want to listen to someone as closely if that person only has 3 posts, compared to someone like blindstitch that has almost 15k.

    Last of all, to new members……

    We at this forum think these bikes are awesome, and we want to help anyone in the world keep them running. And we will all tell you that even though you don’t know what a crank shaft looks like, you can overhaul your motor yourself.

    Now, while that may be possible, I can say it is not always true.

    So, please…… research everything before you start, ask tons of questions, and read some more. Then make sure it’s something you want to tackle, and that you feel you have a high probability of doing right.

    I buy 3-7 bikes a year off the forum that are apart, something is broken, and/or the whole project was abandoned by over-reaching.
    There are many members here who will even come help. All you have to do is ask.
    So if you are not sure you can rebuild your brakes, DONT DO IT! Ask for more help or get it done for you.

    All right, I will shut up now!!
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    Order The Quick Build Exhaust Pipes


    Way to many bikes to maintain this list LOL !!

    email me at murray at

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    You make very good points.I myself am guilty of jumping the gun tearing bike components down that didnt need to be tore down,if i would have just sat back and thought about it i would have saved myself a big headache.Murry you seem to be the highly thought of go to guys on this forum so im sure you hear this kind of stuff more than others,but you have to realize most people love to tinker i think its a human thing.LOL,but your correct tinkering is fine just know your limits.Look listen and learn and expant your limits and soon no job will be to big and you will know your bike inside and out.
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    Nicely put

    Thats all

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    I agree mostly.
    I really think the noobs should do lots more reading (do your homework) before you start asking lots of questions that have been asked and answered before.
    The bikes that sell around here for less than maybe $2,000 are project bikes. Don't buy a $500 special and think you are going riding right away.
    These bikes are amazingly well designed and built and are relatively easy to work on (for me) but I've been repairing my own stuff for about 50 years now. I may have more experience and tools than the average enthusiast.
    If you are not sure you have the skills, find someone who does and expect to compensate them for their time.
    I caught some crap for flaming on a noob that put no effort into resolving his own problems before dumping on this forum so maybe I'm a little sensitive but I'll always help someone who is making an honest effort and maybe got stuck.
    The FSM is a wonderful thing. Use it!
    Son & I did 3,000+ miles of high speed touring on my bikes last year, neither of which had received much in the way of serious prep and we had no trouble at all, not even a tip over.
    Know your iron, do your homework & maintenance and Life will be good.
    Murry and I don't need any more half done projects in our garages (or at least, I don't)
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    When I joined this forum I had just got my first CX500C and since then have rebuilt: one CX500, one GL500, one GL650I, one CB700SC, and one CB750 engine, along with fixing all the other non-engine stuff on those bikes. How? With no experience? First off I like to tinker with stuff, probably the most important factor. But also, not being afraid to ask dumb questions and/or make dumb suggestions. And, being courteous to those helping me and not bugging them more than necessary. And, the FSM!!!! And, being willing to spend on some tools and testing equipment. Right now, after having done all that, I believe I can do anything. Forums are truly a miracle of technology in that you have the world's foremost experts on any given machine tripping over each other to answer your questions. If this modern miracle were not a reality, it would be in some science fiction book somewhere.
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    Thank You Murray

    Wish I had said that.

    I like riding what the point in getting a bike just to rip it up.

    Pay hundreds if not thousands run out of money.

    Guy I got my GL500's from was selling for a friend.

    Before I found out about them several "Projects and parts bikes"

    "Over a ton of metal sold by the pound" 3 rollers

    Because the PO had to leave them.

    We took home stacked higher than the cab.

    2 complete bikes and 5 to 600 lbs of the "Best stuff" that was saved.

    We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies going home. $600.

    He didn't know or care what went just that all the blocks looked the same.

    Can't tell you how many cheap or free "got in over my head" rescues I've done

    It started in summer after my 6th grade 1963.

    The only" human nature is that we destroy the things we intend to save"


    Our projects Road To Hell is Paved with Good Intention.
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    SideCar Bob's settings.
    Main Wiki you can search by topic:
    Old rant
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    I see this same thing on the ATV forums I frequent

    one has the "use the search function - not this again" attitude, it also has a core group that frowns on newbies asking dumb questions and openly flames them for it.
    it's membership/participation suffers from it bad, yet it's owner is too busy participating in the flaming to see the $ going down the drain

    the forum I am staff on, is one of those with veteren members tripping over each other to answer any and all questions, no matter how dumb or even if it was the same question just asked an hour ago,
    we are told almost daily that it is the best ATV forum out there.

    remember....we all started at the bottom and asked those same dumb questions, if someone didn't answer them, we'd have bailed out of that forum and found somewhere that did want to help and participate.

    just my .02
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    Agreed! I am getting to that age where 'If it aint broke, don't "fix" it, but definitely maintain it'. Most of the things that really need fixing on an old bike are from lack of maintenance or just sitting, rarely needing the engine torn apart. There is absolutely no reason to tear a good running engine apart unless you plan on racing it and while I know these bikes are sacred on this board, it would be the last bike I would build for racing.

    Of course if some fool wants to separate from his money at least you gave him heads up so you shouldn't feel too guilty Murry!
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    I'm a hybrid of Murray's statement.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but . . . if you have to drop the engine and take the back cover off (for any reason), and you have more than 20k miles on the engine, Triple or Quadruple Bypass while you are in there so you never have to f*** with it again.
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    Thanks murrayf for this very good professional advice . I am a rookie who also believes : " if it is not broken, do not (try to) mend it "
    Proud owner - Honda GL 500 D ( Silverwing) , 1981/2 model, unmodified , with non original panniers and top box Also original parallel Keihin carbs with no acceleration pump, plus an autotensioner for the cam chain.

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